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Oval Tower goes green

Welcome to the Oval Tower - office space with character! High-quality architecture and sustainability have been blended together in a unique style in this striking building in the dynamic commercial centre of Amsterdam Zuidoost. A green building that stands head and shoulders above the rest, situated in the company of prestigious neighbours.



green surroundings

A green building, a green environment.

A small park with benches has been created around the Oval Tower for refreshing breaks in the fresh air. The landscape design stylishly and visually separates the surrounding traffic and pedestrian areas.

The lobby of the Oval Tower


the new lobby!

The impressive new entrance hall provides the Oval Tower an almost futuristic character. The lobby rises four storeys high so the design can achieve its full effect.

• Central reception
• Lounge area
• Coffee bar with terrace
• High-quality quartzite flooring
• Glass feature walls
• "Green wall"

The coffee bar of the Oval Tower

Coffee bar

Coffee bar with terrace!

Central to the sustainable ambition of the Oval Tower is a good work/life balance. The Italian style coffee bar with its wonderful terrace is the ideal environment for a delicious espresso or latte macchiato and a good chat with colleagues.

The restaurant of the Oval Tower


12th  floor: the restaurant!

The Oval Tower’s sustainable design aims to enhance work-life balance. The staff restaurant on the 12th floor reflects this: enjoy a lunch in style with stunning views over the surrounding business centre. Naturally, the lunch menu offers a wide range of quality, healthy products, at least 50% of which are organically produced.

green building


The Oval Tower is the first office building in the Netherlands to be transformed into a Green Building to meet the American Green Building Council’s Core & Shell standards. A significant environmental statement and cost advantage.

  • Energy saving thanks to heat/cold storage

  • Water-saving sanitary installations

  • External areas comprehensively redesigned and re-landscaped according to LEED® standards

  • Low emission coatings and floor materials

  • Spacious bicycle storage capacity

  • Climate ceilings ensure an optimum working environment

heat cold storage

VISIBLY lower energy costs

The heat & cold storage (WKO) in the Oval Tower reduces energy costs by approx. 40%. During the warm season, water from the cold storage provides cooling. The system absorbs energy from the building which is then subsequently stored.

During the cold season, this heat is re-used for heating the building. The water is then cooled to around 7°C in order to be re-used via the cold storage as soon as cooling is required.

The external heat exchanger regulates temperatures throughout the year.



The Oval Tower is being refurbished to meet the LEED® Gold certification requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) assesses sustainability and building quality in terms of design, construction and use. The LEED® Gold Core & Shell certification being sought is one of the highest accreditations for office buildings.

LEED® assesses building and sustainability in mutual coherence

  • Sustainable Sites (SS)

  • Water Efficiency (WE)

  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA)

  • Materials and Resources (MR)

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

  • Innovation and Design Process

  • Regional Priority Credits

  • Oval Tower – Flexibility
  • Oval Tower – Security
  • Oval Tower – Design
  • Oval Tower – Entrance

Floor Plan

Indicative Layout

  • STANDARD FLOOR – 11th floor – 924 m²

    STANDARD FLOOR – 11th floor – 924 m²

  • FORMAT VARIANTS – 11th floor – open-plan office and cellular offices – 53 workstations

    FORMAT VARIANTS – 11th floor – open-plan office and cellular offices – 53 workstations

  • FORMAT VARIANTS – 11th floor – open-plan and cellular offices maximum capacity – 84 workstations

    FORMAT VARIANTS – 11th floor – open-plan and cellular offices maximum capacity – 84 workstations

your office in the oval tower!


    Climate ceilings with integrated lighting

    A ceiling height of approx. 2.9 m offers maximum freedom for your interior design

    New high-quality sanitary facilities

    Renovated lift lobbies with new ceilings and high-quality quartzite floors


    Raised floors

    Office floors connected by spiral staircases (optional)


    Entry control system in the central hall and on every level

Floor space detail

Total let
  • 15th
  • 1,047.8 sqm
table of total floor space
  • 24th
  • 1,055.2 sqm
  • 23rd – 17th
  • 1,064.1 sqm
  • 16th
  • 1,055.6 sqm
  • 15th
  • 1,047.8 sqm
  • 14th
  • 1,047.0 sqm
  • 13th
  • 513.6 sqm
  • 12th
  • Restaurant
  • 11th – 6th
  • 1,064.1 sqm
  • 5th
  • 1,062.9 sqm
  • 4th
  • 1,060.3 sqm
  • 3rd – 2nd
  • 861.7 sqm
  • 1st
  • 698.4 sqm
  • Ground Floor
  • 276.3 sqm
  • Total
  • 23,593.2 sqm


De Entree 99-197, 1101 HE Amsterdam


18 minutes to Airport Schiphol (by car) 18 minutes to Airport Schiphol (by car)
10 minutes to Axis (by car) 10 minutes to Axis (by car)
15 minutes to Centre (by car) 15 minutes to Centre (by car)
28 minutes to Central Station (by public transport) 28 minutes to Central Station (by public transport)
25 minutes to Utrecht (by public transport) 25 minutes to Utrecht (by public transport)
8 minutes to Bijlmer ArenA Station (by foot) 8 minutes to Bijlmer ArenA Station (by foot)
  • Oval Tower – Entrance
  • Oval Tower – Area
  • Oval Tower – Distances


De Entree 99-197
1101 HE Amsterdam

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